Need some marketing strategies for your business? As a marketing firm, we help identify your key audiences, your primary markets, your cornerstone messages and the main channels of communication you should use to talk to those markets.

All too often marketing agencies offer to design and present a marketing plan to you following some research into your company and a quick look at the sort of markets you should be targeting. We do not believe we are best placed to create this simply on your behalf.

We believe that as a team you have all the answers and that with the right facilitation, we can tease out all the essential marketing strategies to put in place. With this in mind, we run in-house facilitated marketing days, we will then feed the day’s captured thoughts back to you or if you still like and trust us we’ll use this to develop a wider marketing communications plan with a practical annual month-by-month action plan.

We believe in transparent pricing. Small business leaders do not have the time to investigate suppliers only to discover that their pockets are not deep enough. Below are some “out of the box” solutions which we trust will tempt you enough to invite us over for an initial consultation so that we can get to know each other.

Bespoke training priced accordingly.

Example Workshops.

The Marketing Audit

£795 (1 day) max 10 attendees

The Customer Journey.

£795 (1 day) max 10 attendees

Breaking Social Media.

£495 (1/2 day) £795 (1 day) max 20 attendees

Our sister company The Marketing Menu Consultancy Ltd offers bite-sized online training together with marketing workshops and programmes. We have designed a unique marketing programme that covers the essential 9 steps to build effective marketing together with multiple baby steps. We can design a bespoke programme according to team needs or offer online support and training.

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Our Approach.

think | define | refine | implement

Our Mission.

To help companies stay ahead by underpinning their marketing activity with the tools, experience and focus to get the job done.

“If you just work on stuff that you like and you’re passionate about, you don’t need a master plan.”

Mark Zuckerberg