To help my elderly mother I jumped on the phone to find a cheaper telephone/tv service provider.  Little did I realise I was about to embark on 90 minutes of wrangling leaving me more than shocked about the call handling.


Companies have been using telesales to promote their products or communicate with their customers since the 1950s. With the evolution of ‘consumer market’ as well as the technological revolution, this marketing technique has had to evolve, although my experience proved that even national companies have yet to do so.

There is an impressive amount of benefits of using telesales as a part of a company’s marketing strategy, but, generally, they all revolve around increased sales, lead generation and an effective approach to customer care.

And this is where sales and marketing have to align, for many the two are seen as separate departments but when marketers are trusting their efforts to a sales department, or telesales, to convert that effort the two need to be carefully aligned so that sales supports the marketing messages created.

Today’s ‘telesales’ approach is more important than ever. The sales agent should never come across as overzealous or aggressive in their approach. So if consumers are doing research, conversations should be friendly, empathetic and considerate. If you are offering a product or service and you can communicate the benefits of your product or service over others succinctly you should have few worries, let people research and then make it easy for them to come back to you.

Don’t as my experience demonstrates:

  1. Repeatedly say you will stay on the line whilst I discuss options with my mother, say you will call back in five minutes, a day, a week, ask for mobile numbers.
  2. Be unprepared to provide a telephone number for me to call back, demand to know why I am unprepared to make a there and then decision.
  3. Threaten the offer won’t exist later or generally appear defensive, exasperated and frankly over zealous.

It’s a killer; take this approach then watch and learn, I won’t come back and neither will others. Aggressive sales tactics are old school, leave them at the door, your value is greater than that.

Protect your brand, but also protect it from yourself.


Marketing and sales is about relationship building, becoming a trusted supplier where others are prepared to do your marketing for you through recommendations.  Maybe this is down to poor management. Incentivising sales staff with personal targets is necessary but in turn; they must be taught to appreciate the bigger picture. They are brands ambassadors and by handling genuine consumer enquiries poorly they can cause massive brand damage.

Every company should keep in mind that aggressive marketing techniques will hurt their business in the long run.


To avoid such aggressiveness, try to avoid tying sales to single marketing campaigns or efforts.

It is hard to measure marketing effort effectiveness but in doing so understand the role of all marketing is to increase market share (increase revenue) – Increased sales is the end goal of marketing effort. However, the focus should move from lead generation (sales) to lead conversion and win rate. Conversion rates are as important, along with the value that each sale generates.

If you feel your telesales approach could be better here, consider profiling your customers, and designing an approach that will sit with each of them. Do this by designing a variety of customer journeys whereby you track their engagement and identify methods to keep those conversations going so that you gradually and gently navigate them down the sales funnel.

Ultimately, people do business with people, and it is the manager’s role to ensure that everyone, from the call handler to the receptionist understands their role in the bigger picture.


To work with us on maintaining your customer service journey, please get in touch for ideas on how we may be able to help.


You may wonder why as marketers we talk about customer service. Well, good service results in good business, and that’s got to make everyone’s life easier surely. How do you tackle telesales and ensure teams are fully on board?