Friday night I decided to replace the tumble dryer so recalling the catchy AO lets go jingle I logged on. The fact they’d recycle the old appliance, remove the packaging and then the fit machine for a small fee appealed as did next day delivery and timed four-hour delivery slots. All done, purchase and wait but my customer journey did not end there.


I then received a phone call that evening to check I was happy with my purchase and to confirm that I would receive a text by 7 am the next day with details of my timed slot, did I also know I could track the delivery in the event I should need to go out? Nope, but this might prove useful, it was the weekend after all. I forgo the offer of an extended warranty, what do I know I may regret it, but PPI insurance oversell still resonates with me.

The next morning along came the text and yes I did need to use the tracking facility as an unexpected social loomed but then I received a security call from the driver telling me that they’d be with me in 15 minutes and to check the access arrangements. Delivered, unpacked and switched on 15 minutes later I was a happy bunny. Then followed a text from the delivery driver asking me to rate their service, unsurprisingly I text back “brilliant”, a further text asked me if they could share this with their Facebook page if okay with me. Finally, the next day a quick net promoter score email asked me to grade their overall service and if I wished to answer six fuller questions an opportunity to be put in a free prize draw. Heh, I hope I win!

Counter this with a visit to a visit to well treasured Dorset canteen for tea and cake, a pit stop during a mindless drive back from Cornwall with four teenagers.


Admittedly all a little star struck having just had our first breath of fresh air in four hours we waited patiently at the “wait to be seated” sign and watched staff busy themselves at the shop counter, as a couple of tables were served. There was lots of activity if you count several staff setting up for evening service, but no-one was paying heed to our little gaggle, no eye contact, no acknowledgment, oh apart from a kitchen chef who clearly embarrassed tried to get someone to come over.  When they did no apology, no smile, no warmth and bizarre, no menu, this was made worse by the fact that we were left searching for someone to pay and ended up paying in the shop as all the staff had vanished. Nice chocolate brownies though.

What does this tell you and why should we as marketers care? Well, let’s just say that the AO customer journey was considerate and friendly, it put us at the center of the whole process and made us feel valued.


If every customer journey was as successful they’d be less need for marketers as we’d all return again for a repeat experience, it makes marketing easy, it creates a good news story to shout about, and it means you retain customers, oh and I may recommend them to friends like you. Our canteen experience, means we’ll look for an alternative pit stop next time and even prompted four teenagers to talk about bad service.

AO have clearly invested a large amount of energy into developing their customer journey experience by tracking and developing their offering at every point where they could conceivably add value. It cost nothing more than time, strategy, willingness to implement and training but by goodness it sorts the wheat from the chaff.


How could your business do better and if you’d like to develop your business to a point where you have clearly defined steps at every point of your customer journey in place, give us a call and see how we can work together so in time others rave about you. Let’s go…