Whether established in business or just starting out, the digital marketing age is fast-paced and time heavy leaving businesses struggling to keep up. This short small business marketing presentation highlights common marketing plan problems and some methods to overcome them.

If we’re running a business presumably it is because we are passionate about it so then why do so many businesses fail?

Obviously, there are many reasons, but often marketing or failure to get it right is one of them.

It would be great if we could run around shouting from the rooftops, flashing clever adverts and waving incentives around but life’s not like that. Unfortunately, resources are tight and what people often fail to recognise whether you’re running an established business or just starting out, the biggest cost of marketing is not money, it is TIME!

So our challenge to you is to consider whether your marketing plan is broken. The pace of change, today is so staggering that any marketer, let alone business leader is struggling to keep up. Just like the industrial revolution when the pace of change brought about monumental change, it is the same with the digital revolution but far far faster.

However, today’s customers have grown up with technology when most of us haven’t. They are controlling the messages they receive; they can choose from any of your competitors from anywhere around the globe, at any time of the day or night.

They are cost-sensitive

They are quality aware

They are time tight


Listen to our video on some considerations and how you can make a difference in your marketing activity.

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