There’s frequently somebody missing in marketing meetings.

That person is fundamental to business success, and by ignoring them you risk everything.

Plus, by ignoring them you risk doing the same thing over and over again.

Who is this person?

They are your existing customer.


Yep. Every day, we come across businesses chasing new customers without them ever thinking about how they could or should be serving those already known to them.

So often businesses want to keep up with marketing trends or they see the need to prioritise new marketing activity over old when in actual fact the tried and trusted relationships have already been built up, they just haven’t stayed in touch very well.

So put your existing customers at the heart of everything you do, and ensure that marketing activity reflects this either by rewarding loyal customers, staying in touch via news bulletins, running social media platforms or holding events to name a few.

If struggling to think of ways to develop this, try putting yourself in your customer’s shoes and plot their journey at each step of both the buying process and then in the after-sales service. This may help discover innovative ways to stay in touch or ways to improve, your service standards so that you stay one step ahead of your competition. Big corporations frequently turn their attention to this marketing tool, and as a small business, you have just as much opportunity.

Basically, that’s it.

Of course, there is always a place for generating more marketing initiatives but often just a few small adaptations such as looking at your existing customer base can really make a difference, and it will produce quicker results.

Our marketing workshop covers over 20 different areas so we can either run something off the shelf or design something bespoke to suit the needs of your business or team.

Marketing Workshops: Sample

The Marketing Audit

£795 (1 day) max 16 attendees

The Customer Journey.

£795 (1 day) max 16 attendees

Breaking Social Media.

£495 (1/2 day) £795 (1 day) max 25 attendees

Our sister company The Marketing Menu Consultancy Ltd offers bite-sized online training together with marketing workshops and programmes. We have designed a unique marketing programme that covers the essential 9 steps to build effective marketing together with multiple baby steps. We can design a bespoke programme according to team needs or offer online support and training.

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