Welcome to The Marketing Menu – the delicious digital marketing podcast with regular relevant content to help your business grow and thrive. Jargon-free, easy to understand, marketing tools and effective tips and tricks and guaranteed no cheese!

The Marketing Menu is a collaborative adventure between Nicky Matthews and Liz Gordon, and the occasional guest speaker. Join them on their journey as they seek to address the world on all things business marketing, with the occasional food analogy of course!

Together they seek to demystify marketing terminology and make good advice accessible to all, with no Americanisms or techno babble, just sound, honest, useful advice that you can put into business with confidence. Their online training platform offers Bite-Sized Courses and face-to-face Signature Course workshops for growing business covering marketing, sales, customer care and business.

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#013 Writing A Creative Brief

#007 Building A Brand

#001 The Power Of A Marketing Action Plan