Struggling to keep up with social media? Tired of posting late into the evening, or are you inconsistent or uncertain how to really grow an audience? We’re a social media marketing company that can help.

The social media world has exploded, and it’s fast-pacedd and time heavy. That said a considered, proactive and reactive strategy needs to be in force to ensure that you are targeting communication wisely and efficiently so as not to waste precious time or valuable resources.

Social media is not about return on investment, sorry. It’s about ensuring your business is making a noise in a crowded auditorium, that you’re demonstrating expertise and ultimately confirming real interest in your customers. It’s about credibility.

As a social media marketing company, we help you with your strategy, assist with initial set up or run your social media activity for you. Either way, it can be cheaper than a failed advert to run a monthly campaign, while social media results keep growing as you engage more followers.

Some companies offer to pack your feeds with content promising traffic, but is it interesting, relevant, considered content or just stuff being bandied about for everybody? You know what we are saying. You must use people who seek to understand your business and who know what’s going on locally.

One of the easiest forms of marketing is with the release of a monthly or quarterly e-shot. Easy to produce and cost-effective it serves as a gentle hello to keep prospects updated on promotions and events and by adding value promoting you as industry ambassadors.

Example Social Media Marketing Management Pricing.

Social Media Setup.

We set up, design and build social media profiles for you
Get you started with images, words and tweets
We train you how to do it yourselfInitial set up £250*

Social Media Management.

We run accounts updating with local newsworthy items
Ensure content is timely, relevant and engaging
We report on activity and tweak accordingly

From £75 per month

EShot Design & Setup.

We design template and compile your 1st edition
We test send and send out your initial campaign
We show you how to access your reports

Initial set up £300

EShot Management

No time or struggling for content, then we can help.
After setup, we’ll run your campaign as required
We source local, relevant content as required

From £150 per campaign